1st May 2015

Thermoskin Community Sports Fund 2015

Thermoskin have awarded a share of over $13,000 to 10 lucky Australian community sports teams.

With a record number of entries this year, the judges were set with a tough task of choosing just 10 recipients for the 2015 Thermoskin Community Sports Fund. Sports ranging from horse-riding to pole-vaulting and even surfing were assessed out of a total of 321 entries across Australia.

The Thermoskin Community Sports Fund supports grass-roots sporting teams across Australia, in which they can apply for funding from a total pool of $10,000. Due to the overwhelming participation this year, Thermoskin made a surprising and generous decision to increase the fund to $13,000.

In it's third year, Thermoskin's Community Sports Fund has reveled in a 127% growth in team nominations - a very impressive increase from last year.

As per previous year's, the public also got involved by voting for their favourite team on Facebook from 1 April to 20 April with more than 17,000 votes made, a fantastic 379% growth on 2014.

Teams were also shortlisted based on the value they bring to their community, why they needed the funds and quality of application.

Official judges this year were:

  • Eloise Southby, Former Australian Diamonds Netball Player
  • Richard Colman, Paralympic and World Champion
  • Alex Kountouris, Head Physiotherapist for the Australian Cricket Team
  • Matt Symington, UPI (Thermoskin) CEO

Mr Symington explains "The fund was created to assist clubs and their members to continue to stay active, become involved and play the sports they enjoy. It's great to see the commitment to their sport from so many teams and the value they bring to their community".

He and the other judges were pleasantly surprised and excited by the increase, quality and variety of nominations again this year.

"We are very pleased to see this campaign continue to grow exponentially each year. Our aim is to continue to assist as many grass roots sporting teams as we can in the future, to help with the growth of Australian sport."

The highest amount of entries came from New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Regional and metropolitan areas across other states in Australia were also represented and from all different age groups.

The 10 lucky recipients are:

ACT High Vaultage Pole Squad, Florey ACT

$1,000 for vaulting poles

The High Vaultage Pole Vault Squad is a junior Pole Vault squad with athletes from 10-19 years old from across Canberra and into Goulburn, NSW. Anyone is welcome into this group and they encourage anyone who is keen to learn Pole Vault to come down and check out the team and sport. The money will be used to purchase three new pole vaults which are essential, but expensive.

Australian U24 Auroras Dragon Boat Team, national

$1,500 for racing uniforms

With the highest number of Facebook votes, The U24 Auroras are a national mixed team of 30 dragon boaters. The team consists of dedicated amateur athletes who train like professionals. They hope to build a legacy of fit, young Australians to help fight the health challenges of this generation.

Bendigo Divers, Epsom VIC

$1,500 for bathers and track suits

With talented divers aged between 8 to 15, Bendigo Divers are the number 1 country club in VIC. Located in a rural area, the team aims to promote a good, clean sport and a responsible attitude to highlight that anyone can achieve their goals in life.

Birchip-Watchem Netball Club, Whirily VIC

$1458.62 for equipment

Birchip-Watchem Netball club is from a small rural community boasting 110 members in a town of only 800 people. With a supportive environment, the club gives community members something to look forward to each week. They aim to promote the importance of having a healthy body and mind.

Bluebottles U23 Mixed Ultimate Team, Kensington NSW

$1,500 for playing uniforms

The Bluebottles Mixed Ultimate Frisbee Team consists of 23 athletes, 3 coaches and 1 manager. Representing Australia at the World U23 championships in London this year, their aim is to be advocates of this lesser known sport to recruit new players and increase its presence in Australia.

East Bankstown Football Club, Bankstown Centro NSW

$1,500 for uniforms and equipment

The East Bankstown Football Club are celebrating 60 years and over 250 players. They want to help break down the barriers young girls face when participating in sports. Through coaching and mentoring players, their aim is to create strong role models for other girls.

Pyramid Waragnu Power, Gordonvale QLD

$1,500 for playing jerseys

The Waragnu AFL team from Queensland are literally in a league of their own as an all female team who take part in the regular male competition. The teams goal is to encourage local, particularly indigenous girls, to play sport. They believe that sport can help to provide indigenous girls with their own identity and strong connections within the community.

Rubies Netball Team, Hilton Plaza SA

$675 for court hire, shorts and socks

For netball players with an intellectual disability, The Rubies Netball Team is SA’s representative. The team aims to show that there is a place and pathway for athletes with a disability. They also provide value to the community by running clinics and giving talks at schools throughout Australia.

Victorian Softball Umpires, Fitzroy VIC:

$1,368 for umpire equipment

With more than 150 umpires across VIC, Victorian Softball Umpires were formed in the 1960's. They umpire in many different leagues ranging from local competitions, state championships and many other tournaments. Victorian Softball Umpires play a valuable role in the sport of softball.

WA Lord’s Taverners State Indoor Cricket Team, Hawthorn WA

$1,000 for uniforms and equipment

The WA Lord's Taverners are an intellectually disabled indoor cricketers team, who represent their state. They have been in existence since 1995 and through this team players stay fit and gain confidence from the great opportunities experienced. These include creating friendships, joining other sports and going on outings.