CoolXChange ice recovery wrap

CoolXChange RECOVERY ICE WRAP is an innovative 2 in 1 Gel Bandage designed to manage pain and inflammation caused by sprains and strains.

Combining cooling and compression therapy in one simple step, CoolXChange helps you recover quicker and more effectively.

Advanced Recovery For Pain And Inflammation

The R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) method is widely seen as the best way to recover from sprains and strains.

CoolXChange Gel Bandage combines the cooling and compression stages of R.I.C.E methodology, providing a convenient and effective 2 in 1 solution. When CoolXChange is applied, evaporative cooling along with elastic compression reduces the amount of blood flow and heat in the injured area, minimising pain and swelling.

Brand Features

UPI developed the CoolXChange brand and launched in 2016. Since then it has grown in popularity as a sporting first aid kit essential.

No Refrigeration Required

Ready to use anywhere, anytime. The perfect addition to any sporting first aid kit.

Immediate Cooling Effect

Provide cool therapy for up to 2 hours, dropping skin temperature by over 10 degrees celsius.

Easy to Use with No Odour or Mess

Cooling and compression therapy in one step, helping you recover from muscle sprains and strains.

Convenient and Reusable

CoolXChange reusable

Using its re-sealable pouch. Allow 2-3 hours for gel rehydration before re-use.

Targeted Pain Reduction

Using the R.I.C.E method, this wrap uses Cooling and Compression to reduce pain & inflammation.

Increased Muscle Recovery

A recent study showed a 47% improvement in muscle recovery when CoolXChange was used.

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