UPI are proud to recently be a part of and officially complete the 10,000 Steps Australia Workplace Challenge.

The 10,000 Steps Australia Workplace Challenge is an initiative that sees workmates team up to walk 10,000 steps a day over 70 days.

In a team vs team environment, workmates are divided up into teams of 5 with a team captain chosen to lead and encourage team members along the way. Once pedometers are firmly clipped on, teammates record and log their daily steps for 10 weeks and walk their way across the virtual Australia map.

In order for a team to win, each individual team member has to reach 700,000 steps.

Here’s how each UPI team finished up:

  • Wildwalker’s Team – 4 856 368
  • Kystar’s Team – 4 772 322
  • Barbie’s Team – 4 769 640
  • Sweet Chilli’s Team – 3 836 543
  • Jumping Jackaroo’s – 3 196 056

It was neck and neck at various stages with a very close finish, but whilst Wildwalker’s Team finished with the most amount of steps, it was Barbie’s Team that made it to the end first with all team members reaching 700,000 steps.

A fantastic effort from the entire team at UPI, who clocked up a huge total of 21,430,929 steps over the 70 day challenge.

“The 10,000 step challenge was a great initiative that everyone could implement not only in their everyday work lives but also outside of work. There are so many benefits to being active both physically and mentally” said UPI Administration Officer Kylie Heinley, who organised the event.

“With the fantastic involvement from every team member at UPI, our aim is to implement this challenge annually to continue to encourage active and healthier lifestyles amongst the team”.

The challenge encouraged both first time walkers and those who are already active, mixed with a bit of friendly competition to get everyone moving in their everyday lives.

The Winning Team – Barbie’s Team