Environmental Sustainability Policy

Health, Environment and Sustainability

UPI is committed to minimising our environmental impact

United Pacific Industries (UPI) is committed to minimising the environmental impact within our supply chain through continuous improvements to design and procedures. Working with partners and suppliers to ensure our products are manufactured to the highest environmental standards, utilising minimal packaging and a strong focus on recyclability.

Our management team are always on the lookout for ways to further improve our environmental sustainability and ensure a smaller footprint throughout all aspects of the company. These commitments are embedded throughout the entire organisation to actively engage all levels of staff.

At UPI we believe in creating and promoting healthy lifestyles and that doesn’t just stop with our healthy fruit initiative, daily office stretches and Health Breaks, we believe that doing all we can to protect and preserve our natural environment is also of the upmost importance for health and wellness.

As such we look to partner with a variety of brands that are not only good quality and meet consumers needs but also share our environmental beliefs.

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Here are what some of our key brands are doing:

Thermoskin Supports and Braces

As a leading manufacturer of braces and supports, Thermoskin places great importance on observing environmentally conscious practices in all aspects of the business. Many of our product ranges utilise these 4 methods:

  • Reducing Water with Dope Dyed Yarn – one of the most efficient product dyeing processes. Reduces manufacturing water usage by up to 90% whilst reducing energy consumption and water pollution.
  • Made with Limestone Neoprene – Many of our product ranges utilise earth mined limestone to replace petrochemicals within the manufacturing process of their supports and braces, resulting in an eco-friendlier process.
  • Water Based Glue – Using a water-based glue eliminates volatile organic compounds caused by traditional methods.
  • ECO Carbon Black – provides a ‘green’ alternative for the rubber foam used thought-out all products, utilising materials from recycled scrap rubber tires. This has resulted in a reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions when manufactured.

Thermoskin Looking Towards a Greener Future:

By 2023 Thermoskin plans to be using planet-friendly materials throughout our all of their packaging. With a 2023 Goal of FSC Certification and ARL Labelling on all packaging.

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UPI places great importance on our responsibilities toward preserving precious water resources and reducing land fill wastage. Observing environmentally conscious practices in all aspects of our business, minimising our impact on the environment throughout all of our operations and with the brands we choose to partner with.

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