Sea-Band Anti-Nausea Wrist Bands

Sea-Band provides effective relief of motion sickness, morning sickness, cancer nausea and vomiting.

UPI is the exclusive distributor of Sea-Band in Australia.

Sea-Band, is an acupressure-based product, providing a drug free anti-nausea choice without causing drowsiness or other side effects.

Available at leading pharmacies across Australia.

Brand Features

 UPI became the exclusive Australian distributer of Sea-Band in 2003. Growing the brand to become a market leader solution to nausea.

Brand Power

Sea-Band has evolved to be known as the generic term for anti-nausea wrist bands.

Drug Free

Sea-Band provides an easy and natural way to combat nausea without taking drugs.

No Side Effects

Using the power of acupressure. Sea-Band is a zero side effect nausea solution.


Nausea is typically reduced within 5 minutes after Sea- Bands are applied.

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