Let’s Unite and Do Great Things

Exclusive health and wellness product distribution opportunity.

With 70+ years of experience under our belt, United Pacific Industries (UPI) are expert partners within the health and wellness industry.

United Together

We create strategic partnerships with brands that match with our core values and can see a genuine future with.

Get Connected

We will utilise our skilled and passionate team to advocate your brand via our extensive sales and marketing networks.

National Distribution

Ensure a rapid and successful launch into the marketplace, with our first-class logistics and warehousing infrastructure.

Carefully Selected Partnerships

 Although we are constantly seeking new opportunities to grow and strengthen our portfolio, we are selective with the brands we look to partner with. Working with brands and products that not only have great potential to succeed but also align with our company’s values.

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Quality Over Quantity

For us it’s about promoting products and brands that we believe in and are commercially sustainable. We seek out only the best of the best to add to our portfolio. We pride ourselves on our consumer and market research before beginning any kind of partnership. At UPI we carefully select brands to ensure lasting and successful relationships to support our brand partners throughout the entire process.

Proven Success

National Sales Force and Distribution Network

At UPI we specialise in the distribution and marketing of a wide range of health and wellness products throughout pharmacy, allied health, grocery, e-commence (Amazon) and sport.

current brands

UPI currently represent 6 brands within the Australian health and wellness industry.

no. of products

The team currently stocks and distributes these products throughout Australia.

stores with our products

UPI works hard to get our products stocked in a variety of locations around Australia.

Sea-band Wrist Band Packaging

“Working with UPI has been immense for our brand!

Since taking over the distribution of Sea-band in Australia, UPI has gained distribution into 3,000+ pharmacies and developed fantastic brand awareness campaigns underpinned by an efficient supply chain and great customer service”

Christian Bennett 

Managing Director, Sea-Band

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