SleepDoctor Snoring Range

SleepDoctor was specifically created for the Australian market, based on the success of the UK parent brand Snoreeze, the leading snoring relief range in Europe and the UK.

UPI is the exclusive distributor for SleepDoctor in Australia. Using the same clinically validated products from the UK to bring a comprehensive snoring relief and sleep apnoea product offering to the market that caters to all snoring consumers.

Soon to be available at leading pharmacies across Australia.

Brand Features

SleepDoctor provides customers with a full range of snoring relief products created for every type of snorer, no matter if you are an everyday snorer, snore due to congestion, or looking for a solution to loud snoring/sleep apnoea.

8 Hours of Relief

8 hours of effective snoring relief

Only snoring brand that offers 8 hours of clinically proven relief within our everyday snoring range. 

Comprehensive Range

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The only snoring brand to offer a full range of snoring products for every type of snorer in Australian pharamacies.


SleepDoctor is the first snoring brand in Australia to offer Oral Strips as a less invasive snoring treatment for everyday snoring. 

Leading Snoring Brand

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Based on the success of these snoring products in Europe and the UK. We launched this snoring range into the Australian market. 

Natural and Great Tasting

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SleepDoctor products are not only made from natural ingredients (no nasties) but as delicious and refreshing to use.

SoundSleep App

Sound Sleep App

Track your snoring progress and put our products to the test with the SoundSleep App.  

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