Tubeskin Pack

TubeSkin cut to fit bandage

Tubeskin provides support, compression and protection, helping to assist with sprains, swelling, wounds and injury.

Using anti-bacterial and elasticated material, the Tubeskin bandage uses compression and support to protect and aid recovery. The Tubeskin can be easily cut to size to reduce wastage and ensure a great fit on any limb.

Available at leading pharmacies across Australian and online.

Brand Features

UPI launched the Tubeskin brand in 2004, which saw great success for the brand as it became a first aid essential for many professional sporting teams across Australia.

Supporting Weak Joints

Supports weak joints, strains and sprains and is a great way to protect injured skin during sport.

Comfortable Movement

Allows for free range of movement. Designed to stay in place whist providing continous even support.


Utilises an antibacterial solution that lasts 50+ washes and provides an additional barrier to bacteria.

Reduces Swelling

Tubeskin provides compression for acute injuries to reduce swelling.

Protects the Wound

Secures wound dressing and protects wound sites.

Easy To Use

Easy to apply and re-apply, no need for strapping tape or pins.

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