UPI is excited to announce that they are now exclusive distributors of Ares Kinesiology Tape in Australia.

Ares Tape is the premium worldwide brand for Kinesiology Taping being used as successfully on the sporting field as with patients in a Physiotherapy setting. “We are continually looking for innovative products that help people to enhance their mobility, performance and lead healthier lifestyles to which Ares tape fits in perfectly,” said UPI CEO Matthew Symington.

Kinesiology Taping has become a worldwide technique, which can assist in the management of muscle, joint pain and performance.

Ares Tape is a premium elastic therapeutic tape, which may aid in the rehabilitation of inflammation, stiffness, bruising and pain arising from sports injuries, arthritis and general muscle, fascia and tendon conditions.

When applied, Ares tape lifts the skin’s surface to promote lymphatic fluid and blood circulation in the taped area and reduce the pressure on pain receptors.

Made from a high quality fabric, Ares tape is water-resistant, air permeable and comfortable to wear, the range comes in blue, beige or black.

Our new Ares tape website provides full taping instructions and all you need to know about Ares tape. Visit us at our Australian website here.