Thermoskin have released a new product to it’s range, the Thermoskin Adjustable Shoulder with V Stabiliser.

The Thermoskin Adjustable Shoulder with V Stabiliser has a cutaway design making this product perfect for both males and females in providing warmth and support for shoulder instability, arthritis or tendon conditions.

With customised straps to contour to either shoulder and featuring a customisable V-Stability System, to provide extra support and stability where you want it most. The V-Stability system is removable, making it a versatile product to suit different needs and stages of shoulder rehabilitation.

The Thermoskin shoulder brace remains a popular product for athletes and individuals alike as shoulder injuries tend to be very common. This Thermoskin support is the perfect shoulder brace for athletes that participate in sports requiring an overhand motion, such as golf, basketball, AFL, rugby, netball or tennis. However, this brace should not be used for shoulder dislocations or shoulder bracing.